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[cover of first Nova marketing brochure]

"SimuLogics is dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of Data General Nova, Eclipse, and MV computers."

We salvage, restore and archive Nova, Eclipse, MV and compatible hardware, software and documentation for historical and educational purposes.

We work worldwide with universities, museums, hobbyists and other organizations obsessed with preserving this important part of computer history before it fades away forever.


"SimuLogics provides commercial open-system solutions to Nova and Eclipse users worldwide."

SimuLogics provides products and services to users of Nova, Eclipse, Strobe Data, Bytronix, Point 4, Rolm and other look-alike systems that:

  • Run current legacy programs unmodified on open systems!

  • Integrate legacy software into modern Windows and U*IX environments.

  • Extract or use legacy data from proprietary formats - using the original software.

  • Directly run RDOS, DOS, MP/OS, AOS, MP/AOS, BLIS/COBOL, MICOS, IRIS, BITS, IDOS, NANOS and other legacy software on open systems.

[Nova and SuperNova computers]


[32-bit MV/8000 II computer]

"SimuLogics now provides commercial, open-system solutions for 32-bit MV users."

DG 32-bit MV/Eclipse computer AOS/VS, AOS/VS II, INFOS and user applications may be directly run on open systems...

Because MVs want to be forever too!

The Challenge!

Do you have a mission-critical DG legacy application that you want to run on open systems?


Our commercial division - Wild Hare Computer Systems -  has saved money and time for clients worldwide running applications ranging from mature business applications to classified military applications.


Make us prove that we can provide the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective solution possible to you!

"Living DG Museum" Project...

The "Living DG Museum" Project restores and breathes life into legacy Data General hardware and software.

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Don't Trash That Hardware!
(or manuals or software or brochures)

We are trying to salvage and preserve as much Nova, Eclipse and MV software, documentation and hardware as possible.  We work with museums, universities and individuals that appreciate any and all hardware, software and documentation to preserve for future generations.  SimuLogics and Wild Hare Computer Systems support these organizations by donating  their own equipment, documentation, software and time, and have assisted in acquiring outside hardware whenever possible.

An expanding list of items we are looking for is summarized in the "News" page, "We Need..." section.

If you have any 16-bit related items collecting dust or that is about to be trashed - or even 32-bit Eclipse MV hardware and software - please let us know.

Please help us preserve a bit of history.

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