Rolm 1601 - the first milspec'ed Nova

Rolm01_01.jpg (57143 bytes)

Rolm 1602- the second iteration


Rolm02_01.jpg (99203 bytes) Rolm02_02.jpg (96138 bytes)Rolm02_03.jpg (121400 bytes)

Rolm02_04.jpg (52963 bytes)

Rolm 1603- line continues


Rolm03_01.jpg (55565 bytes)
...and the other militarized Novas summarized

Rolm_03a.jpg (108931 bytes)    Rolm_03b.jpg (109179 bytes)

The Militarized Eclipse was called the MSE/30 system

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Rolm's computer division was eclipsed (no pun intended) by Rolm's PBX telephone division.  Rolm was purchased by IBM in [about] 1985 - primarily for its CBX products.


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