Digital Computer Controls - copycats the biggies.

DCC 112 first clones the PDP-8:

DCC112_01.jpg (36941 bytes)  DCC112_02.jpg (9905 bytes)  DCC112_03.jpg (10562 bytes)

The fastest PDP-8 built -
200 ns of action-packed fun as the DCC 112H
DCC112H_01.jpg (46933 bytes)DCC112H_02.jpg (12124 bytes)DCC112H_03.jpg (12662 bytes)
The DG Nova 1200-series lookalikes - the DCC 116 series DCC116_01.jpg (18635 bytes)   DCC116_02.jpg (35673 bytes) DCC116_03.jpg (62238 bytes)
DEC's PDP-11 incarnated as the DCC 216
(later dropped due to DEC lawsuit over proprietary bus copyright)
DCC216_01.jpg (38241 bytes)
Faster Nova lookalikes - the DCC 216, 316, 416 and Mod 5 series
(note the 'new' 216 is a Nova, not PDP-11!)
no pictures available, similar to: DCC116_01.jpg (18635 bytes)   
How did DCC get away with this? DCCcorp1.jpg (208089 bytes)  DCCcorp2.jpg (210048 bytes)
...the futile struggle  
...the conclusion  

DCC eventually was purchased by Data General in 1977 and the DCC products folded into the DG product line.

It faded into oblivion in the late 1970s.


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