The "Living DG Museum"

The "Living DG Museum Project" is designed to preserve the life of Data General legacy hardware and software.  Various "legacy" 16- and 32-bit computers and other hardware have been acquired to date and will be restored to full working order under this project.

Why are we doing this?  Because...

Blinking lights rule!

This section will be updated as the various restoration projects progress.  Pictures will be added to show the "before" and "after" conditions of the restored items.

Also, consider this a perpetual "begging request" for any hardware, software, documentation, sales literature and anything else DG!  Even if it is loaned to us for archiving and then returned to you, we wish to preserve the DG legacy world.

Hardware Wanted for Nova & Eclipse Museum

Nova    Eclipse
  • original Nova  

  • S/100 or S/200

  • SuperNova  

  • S/230 or C/330

  • Nova 1200 series  

  • S/130

  • Nova 800 series  

  • M600

  • Nova 840 (or 830)  

  • S/140 or S/280 or C/380

  • Nova 2 series  

  • S/120

  • Nova 3 series  

  • Desktop Generation (model 10, 10/SP, 20, 30)

  • Nova 4 series (4/C, 4/S, 4/X)  

  • Desktop Generation Model 45

  • microNova (MP100)  

  • DG/500

  • Enterprise or MPT 85/87/100  

  • MP/200

We also need parts to repair and restore hardware.


Current 16-bit hardware being restored:

Nova 1200
Nova 1220
Nova 3
Nova 4
microEclipse S/20
Eclipse S/120
Eclipse S/130
Desktop Generation



Hardware we are *begging* for:

Manuals, manuals, manuals! any Data General manuals we can archive
Software, software, software! any Data General software we can archive
original Nova DG's first computer ever produced (1968)- does this need any explanation?
SuperNova the fastest machine for about a decade!
Nova 1210 4-slot variant of the successful Nova 1200
Nova 800 faster sibling of the "nibble" 1200
Nova 840 this was DG's first "mapped" machine
Nova 2 Nova 2/4 or 2/10 - a fast ROM-based processor
Nova 4 Nova 4/C, 4/S and 4/X - Micro-coded processor, micro-machine also used as basis for the Eclipse S/140
microNova a "Nova 3 on a chip"
Eclipse S/230, C/330 and C/150  
Eclipse S/140 Micro-coded processor, micro-machine also used as basis for Eclipse S/140, S/280 and C/380
Desktop Generation 45 few have seen this orphaned product
6053 terminal the famous "ET"-looking terminal
6012 terminal DG's first terminal try
DG-branded Infoton first 3rd-party CRT DG private-labeled
ASR-33 to create a truly authentic environment - remember how painful this was at times?
ADM 3a classic shaped "new" dumb CRT terminal
TP1 or TP2 DG's answer to the LA-36/LA-120
disk drives or PROMS for DG/500 and MV/1000/2000 for maintaining various systems


We are also restoring the following items:

MicroVax II
ROLM 1602
AViiON 5200 <no picture yet>
Strobe Data Hawk
Wicat 150-WS
Wild Hare Hare Brain
Bytronix 5000
Computer Automation LSI-11
Digi-Comp I
Dr. Nim

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